Unfortunately the Conservatory cannot provide student accommodation. Therefore you will not be asked to submit a housing application. We, at the International Relations Office, are available to give you assistance on this matter helping you to find a room in a shared apartment through local newspapers, estate agencies and the internet.

September in Cagliari: as you already know the Conservatory Academic Year starts in November while the University Academic Year starts in October. Therefore it may be difficult for you to find a good location apartment if you arrive just at the beginnig of the Conservatory academic year as the majority of student accommodations are already gone. During the month of September, University Students Residencies are available to host foreign students who come to look for accommodation. It could be a good opportunity for you to visit the city and to start looking for a room. Bookings need to be done by 10 July.

Be aware that when you find a suitable accommodation, landlords may ask you to pay one or two months in advance as a warranty. The rent does not usually include the bills, such as electricity and gas. Double check this information before signing the lease.

Italian Language Courses are also available at the University Language Centre and in many Language Academies in town.

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