The ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) has been created to give to European universities a common way to assess

academic results. Every country keeps its own traditional grading system but also creates a conversion chart of marks between

the two systems. In Italy marks go from 18 out of 30 (18/30) to 30 out of 30 (30/30) while the ECTS goes from F to A.


ECTS :                                                                                                  I CAGLIAR02 grading system:


A: outstanding performance, with only minor mistakes             29-30 e lode

B: above the average standard but with some mistakes             27-28

C: generally good work but with many noticeable mistakes      25-26

D: fair but with significant shortcomings                                        22-24

E: performance meets the minimum criteria                                 18-21

F: considerable further work is required                                         below 18












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