History, facts and figures of our institution

In 1922, on the ashes of Cagliari’s old music establishments, the City Council and the Mayor Gavino Dessì Deliperi, founded a

municipal music school. In 1931 the school obtained the same prestige as the state music schools and in 1939 it became the

Royal Conservatory “Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina”. In 1971 the Conservatory finallymoved to modern premises, and it

remains there to this day. The Auditorium, next to the school building was inaugurated a few years later in 1977.

938 Registered Students

134 Teaching staff

9 Administration staff

Since the reforms of 1999, the Conservatory of Cagliari became affiliated to the AFAM (Artistic and Musical High Education),

included in the Italian Higher Education System. It offers three cycles of courses just like any University: first level academic

diploma courses with a duration of three years (the so called laurea di primo livello in the academic system), second level

academic diploma courses with a duration of two years (the so called laurea specialistica) and research training courses.

Furthermore the Conservatory offers a wide range of master classes, seminars, conferences and concerts.




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